Sunday, July 26, 2009

Budapest and Vienna!

Wanting to escape the Houston heat, Cordelia embarked on a Eastern European adventure with a new friend, Susan.

Cordelia eats at the most famous cafe in Budapest - Gerbeaud - and finds out why stretch pants are essential.

What girl doesn't like crystals? Certainly Cordelia loves glitz and sparkle.

After walking all day, Cordelia searches for the perfect fine wine!

Cordelia is in Vienna at the Hofburg Castle gardens.

Good for what ales you! A cold beer at a patio cafe in Vienna.

And just a few hours later, yummy weinerschnitzel! (Her seams are splitting.)

Finally, a manly man! Just what she was looking for. Too bad she is too full to make a move!

She hiked to the top of Buda Hills in Budapest to meet this fellow.

Enough exercise! What about a Viennese pastry! Which one to choose?

Just another handsome Hungarian man.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ooo La La! Provence and Paris

Ah, we started our European adventure at the frescoes at le Chateau de Versailles! We are just 20 kilometers outside of Paris, but it feels like centuries away from the world as I know it.

Truth be told, I have always felt most at home near the water -- (although it's hard for a girl like me to get wet). Here in Provence, the waves lap gently against the boats.
Frankly I can't get King Louis XV out of my head. I do so love a man in armor. I daresay he wouldn't have a noticed a girl of my stature in his court, do you think?
Here I am at a lovely Moroccan restaurant in Paris. A glass of red wine, anyone? Merci!
The Eiffel Tower my friends! To think that just three short years ago, I was a librarian just dreaming of visiting France! Dreams really do come true!
Oh my! {hiccup} Another stop along the coast of Provence.(Yet another) glass of wine at Le Grille in Avignon.
The Notre Dame Cathedral. My ancestors were vestments on the altar in the 15th century.
My pals! I travelled with the French class from Spring Cypress High School. Dear children! The boys loved me, the girls wanted to be just like me. I have so much to be grateful for. Au revoir!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cordelia Gets a Job at Buffalo Exchange (in Brooklyn)

So I haven't worked in a few years. How hard could it be?
My manager warned me not to get too friendly with my coworkers - but I just felt a connection with Sean.
Of course I did my best to stay on my side of the store.
Pretty soon customers were FLOCKING to the store. I think it's my innate fashion sense. I have a way with people.
I love working here at Buffalo Exchange, really, I do. But I can't help thinking I'm meant for bigger things...

I don't know. Sometimes I ride the subway for hours, thinking.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cordelia goes to Brooklyn

Cordelia a-float

I am looking for my very own Popeye the Sailor Man!

Here I am at The Sono Baking Company & Cafe with a scrumptious raspberry tart. Handsome waiters always leave me with a craving for something sweet.

At Playland in Rye, New York. Much like the by-the-sea carnival in The Five People You Meet in Heaven.